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[ ] You are rather wild, and let your instincts run you.
[ ] You get drunk a lot.
[ ] Bravery and boldness is second nature to you.
[x] You have a deep love for astronomy and the universe.
[ ] You like to read your daily horoscope.
[ ] You have a high level of pride in yourself.
[x] In the woods is the best place for you to be.
[ ] You are spiritual.
[ ] The horse is your favorite animal.
[ ] You are possessive and territorial.
Total: 2
[ ] Your ears are slightly pointed at the tips.
[ ] You are very intelligent.
[ ] Your five senses are extremely keen.
[/] Your weight is quite a bit lighter than the average person at your particular height.
[ ] You always wear elegant clothes and speak as politely as possible.
[x] You are most at peace when you are gazing at something beautiful, like nature.
[ ] You look very young for your age.
[x] You rarely get sick.
[ ] You are a very hard worker. (When I want to be, lol)
[ ] Above all other superpowers, you would love to read minds or see the future.
Total: 2.5
[x] You are happy a lot of the time.
[ ] The best superpower to you would be to fly.
[x] You are very shy.
[x] You love the forest and plant life in general.
[x] You are always willing to help others, even if you might not be the best to offer aid.
[ ] You are young and short.
[ ] Dancing is one of your favorite pastimes.
[ ] If someone ticks you off, you are very clever with getting them back.
[ ] Your clothing isn't always presentable, but you are comfortable with what you wear.
[ ] Circles are a wonderful symbol of unity to you.
[ ] You are excellent with crafts and handiwork.
[x] In social situations, you tend to be a little awkward.
[ ] You are short for your age.
[ ] You are an isolationist.
[ ] You love to play practical jokes on people.
[ ] You are extremely fascinated with jewelry.
[ ] You look older than your age.
[x] You love the woods and the mountains.
[ ] You are well off, or come from a family that is well off.
[x] You have a short temper.
Total: 3
[ ] You love the beach more so because of the water than the shore itself.
[ ] Fish are some of the most beautiful creatures to you.
[x] The ultimate superpower to you would be to breathe underwater.
[x] You enjoy looking at ships, but not riding them, as well as you like ships for traveling, not hunting in the sea.
[x] You are good at swimming.
[ ] You like to collect shells.
[ ] You use sea items as jewelry or decoration.
[ ] You enjoy learning about the ocean and the life inside it.
[ ] You are extremely against ocean pollution, and someday, perhaps (if you haven't already), you will work to stop that.
[ ] Legs on land are not as important as a fin in the sea.
Total: 3
[x] You're a night person.
[x] You have a fascination with blood.
[x] You are extremely pale.
[ ] You wish you had a bat as a pet.
[x] You are not religious at all.
[x] Tight spaces are not scary or uncomfortable for you.
[x] The sun's glare annoys you all too often. (I have glasses, it makes glare)
[ ] You hate food with lots of garlic in it.
[ ] To you, a kiss on the neck is more romantic than a kiss on the cheek or lips. (ehh :T)
[ ] You don't like sharp objects near you.
Total: 6
[x] The full moon is the most beautiful scene to you.
[x] You have a lot of body hair. ( pffft fuck shaking, is too much work)
[x] The ability to shapeshift is the best superpower to you.
[ ] You prefer gold over silver items.
[ ] You lack self control.
[x] You find it easier to have sympathy for animals than for humans.
[ ] You have a deep respect for wolves and wild dogs.
[x] You like to be alone.
[x] You have a terrible secret and you only tell people you trust 100% about it.
[ ] You'd rather be outdoors than indoors.
Total: 6
[x] You love chemistry.
[ ] You are intuitive and good at analyzing people, to the point that people seriously or jokingly say you're psychic.
[x] The most amazing supernatural power to you is controlling the elements.
[x] You are a nature lover.
[x] You have a strong sense of responsibility.
[x] You spent a lot of time alone.
[ ] You usually hang around with a certain animal all the time when you feel lonely.
[ ] You are spiritual, but not necessarily religious.
[ ] Cooking is one of your favourite things to do.
[ ] You enjoy learning about Wicca and the occult.
Total: 5
[x] You are pale
[x] You are hungry a lot.
[x] Many activities you do every day make you feel mindless, or like a drone.
[ ] Most of the time you or a part of you is cold.
[x] You love to eat meat.
[ ] You would resort to cannibalism if that was the only source of food.
[x] You make grunts and moans a lot.
[ ] You enjoy learning about psychology because you study the brain.
[x] You usually walk slow.
[x] You are not afraid of seeing a lot of blood or getting a lot of blood on yourself.
Total: 7
ugh god, im gonna die, my stomach's been hurting and I've been getting sour burps all day ;~; so if I haven't replied to anyone all day, you'll now know why


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United States
i'm a..! uhh o7o;;....I don't know, I change my hair color so many damn times I don't know what to be called XD;; but anyway, I like to write and draw stuff that you will kinda like or hate and play video games (like WOW, too much of it....don't judge...) online i also like to watch anime, lots of cartoons especially regular show, steven universe and adventure time, online comic's and a online comice I love is homestuck and all of da cosplay :dummy:

:heart::icontheskittles22: my freaking love able hubby <3 go check her out....NOW O3O.......why are you still looking at this?! go check her out!........STOP LOOKING AT THIS!! DX


i also have skype! my user name is the same as my deviant art userman! XD

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