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i love it, I love it all~

I love all of their history and lore, it's really intriguing *pushes my nerdy glasses up* no but seriously my favorite one would be the African, Indian's, India, Greek and Egyptian but the one's I know more would be Greek and Egyptian (probably because of school.....most likely)

soooo, I was wondering....which god or goddess or mythical creature do you like?
 April the 15th: In the United States, it’s a date dreaded by many, as the date to file taxes – or beg for an extension – looms large. But this year, Tax Day gives lovers of the sky something to look forward to, as the first of four total lunar eclipses for 2014 and 2015 occurs on the night of April 14th/15th favoring North and South America.

This marks the first total lunar eclipse visible from since December 10th 2011, which was visible at moonset from North America, and marks the start of the first of two eclipse seasons for 2014. Totality will last 1 hour, 17 minutes and 48 seconds, and will be visible in its entirety from the central Atlantic westward to eastern Australia. Unlike a total solar eclipse, which occurs along a narrow track, a total lunar eclipse can be viewed by the entire moonward facing hemisphere of the Earth.

The action begins at 4:37 Universal Time (UT)/12:37 AM EDT, when the Moon enters the western edge of the Earth’s shadow known as the penumbra. The Moon will be completely immersed in the penumbra by 5:58 UT/1:58 AM EDT, but don’t expect to see anything more than a faint tan shading that’s slightly darker on the Moon’s northeastern edge.

The real action begins moments later, as the Moon encounters the ragged edge of the umbra, or the inner core of the Earth’s shadow. When does the umbra first become apparent to you? Totality then begins at 7:06 UT/3:06 AM EDT and lasts until 8:24 UT/4:24 AM EDT, with mid-eclipse occurring just south of the center of the Earth’s shadow at 7:46 UT/3:46 AM EDT.


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United States
I did make another account which is :icongamergurl83: soooo if you wanna check it out go ahead~

i'm a blueberry! :dummy: (well i was a redhead but i dyed my hair and now im a BLUEBERRY!!~) who like's to write and draw stuff that you will kinda like or hate and play video games (like WOW, too much of it....don't judge...) online i also like to watch anime, lots of cartoons especially regular show, steven universe and adventure time, online comic I love is homestuck and an MMO that me, my bro and my dad play A LOT is WoW...don't know what it is look it up yourself, if you do know what it is then awesome and I hope I get ta see ya in the game ( my characters name is Prava but that's all im given ya butts :dummy: )

:heart::icontheskittles22: my freaking love able hubby <3 go check her out....NOW O3O.......why are you still locking at this?! go check her out!........STOP LOOKING AT THIS!! DX


░████░░████░ I
░█░░█░░█░░█░ roleplay
░████░░████░ with
░█░█░░░█░░░░ my
░█░░█░░█░░░░ OC's.

i also have skype! my user name is the same as my deviant art userman! XD

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phantomshoujo 5 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
hi liz :3
phantomshoujo 4 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
so how are you?  plus i cant sleep >,>
ima doing good, and I can't sleep either XD
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